Trip Report: October Fun Run

October 14, 2023

Greetings all,

On the 14th of October, we started at the Beatty community center with eight side by sides and one jeep. 16 people completed the trek on a day that brought us pleasant temperatures and most times enough breezes (or so I’m told) to keep the dust drifting away from the traveled route so as to not be too much of a forward vision or breathing hazard. (Being the fun run “leader”  has its perks as most of the hazard was seen by me in my rear view mirror. chuckle chuckle)

We started out with four BOE members and ended with five as Karen Gray-Jacoby became our newest member that day. Welcome, Karen. The other participants/guests were as follows; Debbie Baker, Chad Marchand, Bob and Ann Marchand, Jim Coe, Sandy Rowe, Steve Tafaya, James Loris, John And Gennie Lisle, Donald And Beth Campbell, Rusty Anderson, and Marty Campbell.

Depending on whose odometer was read I will say the total distance of the run was +- 65 miles. We traveled on good roads, bad roads, sorta roads, and on one of the routes used by the off-road racers that included all three. We picked our way up Tarantula Canyon where there used to be some semblance of a road, but alas, no more. We crept through the wash navigating around ditches, rocks, shrubbery, and drop-offs.

Then we reached Specie Springs where it became challenging and, as mentioned in my previous document, RUGGED. From there to the top of the hill by the old microwave station, we did some minor rock climbing which required the use of Donald Campbell’s winch and Rusty’s directions and hand signals (thanks fellas) but we all managed to overcome the obstacle and moved on. We skirted some washouts and gullies caused by the rain related to the tropical storm remnants in August and made it home safely.

My thanks to all who went of the run and encourage all BOE members to attend our membership meetings and participate in the future. If you know of somewhere you think the club might like to go, step up and be a leader. There isn’t a mileage requirement. Mine just happened to be 65 miles.

Think about it.

That’s it for now.
Butch Baker

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